draw the graph of the following linear equations (a)2x- 5y+1=0 (b)6x- 5y =3
find the coordinates of the points where the line represented by the equation 5y- 3x-10=0 cuts the two axes
draw the graph of the equation 3x+4y=18 with the help of the graph find the value of if when x=2 and the value of x when y=4.5 show these points on the graph
find the four solutions of each of the following equations (a )4x-5y=20 (b) 3x+7y=-5
draw the graph of y=2x+4 use the graph to find the area between the line and the two axes
find the value of k if x=-1 and y=-2 is a solution of the equation 3x-5ky+4k=0 then find one more solution of this equation
if the point (2,-5)lies on the graph of the equation 2ax-y=1 find the value of a is (-2,3) a solution of this equation
the auto fare in a city isas follows for the first 2kmit is rs25 and for the subsequent distance it is rs 10/km taking the total distance covered as xkmand the total fare as rsy write a linear equation for this information also, calculate the total fare that a customer will have to pay for covering a distance of 20 km
solve the following equations for x
(a) 8(x-3)-(6 -2x) =2 (x+2)-5 (5-x)
(b)14x- (5x-9)-{4-3x-(2x-3)}=30
(c) 2x-3/5 +x+3/4 =4x+1/7
(d)6 (x²-3x+2) -2 (x²-1) =4 (x+1) (x+2) -24
(e) (x-1)/3-(4x+1)/ 4 =1/12
(f) 5x-5/4x+7 =5x-31/4x-23(x = -7/4, 23/4)
represent the following equations as one variable on number line and as two variables on the graph
(a) 2x-8=4-x

Answer :

1 )  First we form a table for both equations " 2x - 5y = - 1  And 6x - 5y = 3 "  , As :
2x - 5y = - 1    6x - 5y = 3  
x y x y
0 0.2 0 -0.6
 -0.5 0 0.5 0
-2 -0.6 1 0.6
0.5 0.4 -0.5 -1.2
2 1 -1 -1.8

Now we draw these points on x  - y plane , As :

You can take reference of this solution and solve rest of the question by yourself , or send these question in separate thread , So we can help you precisely  .

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