Due to the presence of what does leaves of lotus plant float on water?

Lotus plant has roots fixed at the soil present at the bottom of the pond while its leaves and flowers are found floating on the surface of the water. Any object less dense than water will float on it. Thus, it follows that the leaves have buoyancy to float on water. This buoyancy is due to air spaces present in between parenchyma tissue. Such a sort of parenchyma tissue having thin-walled cells with large intercellular air spaces, especially found in hydrophytes, is called aerenchyma. It is with the help of aerenchyma that the lotus leaves float on water. 

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The roots of the lotus plant are attached to the floor of the lakes and other water bodies where they are found. They have long and hollow stem that hold the leaves and flower above the water surface. The stems of lotus contain air pockets throughout their length that enables the leaves and flowers to float above water. More over the leaves are flattened and leathery which allows them to float without becoming waterlogged. Lotus plant has roots that are embedded inside the soil deep into the water.

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Aerenchyma!!! :)
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