Earth worms is called nature ploughman?why?

  • Earthworm moves through the soil that loosens and aerates the soil. This also helps the water to reach the roots quickly.
  • Earthworm 's excreta increases the fertility of the soil.
  • After their death, they get decomposed and add humus to the soil.
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yes, earthworms are called nature ploughman because the help farmers to the fertility of the soil and the body waste realised by them makes the soil much fertile and help the soil to absorb more water.
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Earthworms live in soil. They make little tunnels through the soil as they move around. They even eat the soil, and the soil that they excrete is very nutrient-rich. This soil is good for growing plants in. For these reasons, the earthworm is beneficial to garden soil, giving them the nickname "nature's ploughman.''

hope this helps
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