1Q. Explain the transport of materials in plants .

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Roots of plants help in absorbtion of water and minerals from the soil. After absorbtion by roots, water and minerals are transported upward to other parts of plants through tube-like vessels. These vessels are made up of special type of cells and are known as the vascular tissues. The vascular tissue that transports water and minerals in plants is known as the xylem. It forms a network of channels that connects the root to the stem and the leaves of the plant.

Phloem transport food bidirectionally.
The transportation of food from the leaves to other parts of the plant occurs in the vascular tissue, namely the phloem . This process of transporting food is known as translocation. Translocation in plants occur from regions of excess carbohydrates, primarily mature leaves to regions where it is required through the phloem. The energy rich carbon compounds formed during the process of photosynthesis are transported out of the leaf to other organs & tissues.


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