establish the relationship between speed of sound, its wavelength and frequency?


Let the speed of sound be V. Its wavelength be λ and the frequency be ν.

The time period of the wave is given by, T = 1/ν

In time T the wave covers a distance of one wavelength λ.

Therefore, speed of sound, V = λ/T = νλ

Thus we have, V = νλ

Or, Speed = Frequency × Wavelength


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velocity (v) = frequency (v) * wavelength

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let the time period be T seconds.

IN T sec. , the no. of waves generated = 1. so , in 1 sec. no. of waves generated = 1 / T

no. of waves generated in 1 sec. is frequency.

therefore, frequency = 1 / T

now, velocity = distance travelled / time taken

= v = wavelength / T

= v = frequency x wavelength

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its a simple formula,
we know,
n=1/time (n=frequency)
putting the value of t,
we get,
v=dis*n or,

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