“Even if we get organized, we are the ones who will be hauled up by the police , beaten and dragged to jail for doing something illegal .”
      a. Who speaks these words?
       b. Why are these words spoken?
       c. Is the speaker doing something illegal?
       d. How does the listener react to the words?

Please provide the answer to this RTC with reference to the chapter "Lost Spring"

Dear  Student,
a. One of the young men of FIrozabad's bangle making area that the Author visits, is the speaker.
b. These words are spoken as a response to the Author's idea of the workers forming a cooperative. Even if they try to form a cooperative, they shall be hauled and thrashed by the police for doing something illegal.
c. Yes, to an extent. It is illegal to employ children for working. However, it is not illegal to form a cooperative.
d. The listener becomes analytical of their situation. She realises how harsh the conditions are for the adults and children. But it is worse for the children. The children accept it as their destiny and become complaisant. She realises that they are all trapped in a vicious cycle. She grows numb towards the adults and becomes sympathetic to the children. 

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