Even though China is a big(diverse) country, why don't they practise federalism?

​​​​​​China is officially a democratic country
China is technically a democratic country. The constitution mentions 'democracy' as its goals and 'people's democratic dictatorship' is often included in the speeches of great Chinese leaders. China has time and again claimed that it doesn't want to copy the democratic systems of other countries. It follows a system of Socialist Democracy where power is centralised in one authority that is the Communist Party of China - which in turn acts in the interest of the people. 
In practice, the government exists in parallel with, and subordinate to, the Communist Party.  
The lack of a procedure for the people in China to choose anything but the Communist Party as the country’s ruling party is one of the major reasons why most political scientists and human rights do not consider China a democracy. The Chinese parliament consists of 3000 members. They're elected from the country and some are from the army also.It is the communist party that forms the Government in China .

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