"Examination of democracy never gets over." Justify. -3marks

The most prominent feature about democracy is that its examination never gets over. As democracy passes one test, it produces another test. As people get some benefits of democracy, they ask for more and want to make democracy even better. People get aware of their rights and demand from the form of democracy in their country to get even better. That is where the process of deepening of democracy is required. Not only does it increase expectations but also complaints. Complaining is itself a testimony to the success of democracy.

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1. Democracy provides a lot of benefits 2 d people like d right 2 free nd fair elections,etc.Also there r provisions  4 d people 2 put forward their problems nd d govt. has 2 b responsive.

2. As people get some benefits they ask 4 more nd want 2 make democracy even better.nd this way as soon as 1 challenge is solved a new 1 appears nd d govt. is forced to consider it nd see to it whether it can b accomodated in democracy.d demands of people r never ending nd so is d case with d solutions.This is possible only in democracy.

3. Eg.To make India corruption free people want d Lokpal bill 2 b passed.

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