Example 2:

Suhana bought a new car in 2001 for $24000. The value of her car depreciated each year as shown in the following table.

Value of Suhana’s car

















Draw its line graph.

here,in this question cant we draw a pie chart?

 Hi Shuchi!
Line graph and pie chart are being drawn to represent data diagrammatically for various purposes.
If the presentation is to highlight various data as a percent of the total data, then a pie graph is ideal. Let say if you want to draw the pie chart of the given data, then you need to find the angles of the sectors representing the cost of the cars in different years. You can calculate this by considering the sum of the cost of the car in different years as 360°. This (the sum of the cost of cars in various years) is of no sense. That is why drawing the pie chart of the given data is of no sense. However the given data provided by you is a case of continuous data distribution. In this case a line graph is suitable.

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 We can draw a pie chart but the is in big numbers so i think that it's better to draw a line as line graph is easy and appropriate for such huge data. Pie chart is used for random data and it is not useful continuous data so u can use a line graph in such cases.

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pie chart is difficult io draw for big numbers

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 no because this chapter is about line graph not pie chart

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