Exercise 108.
Put the following in Direct Speech:-
1. He asked Rama to go with him.
2. Rama replied that he could not do so.
3. He asked his father when the next letter would come.
4. His father replied that there might not be another that year.
5. Rama asked me what had become of Hari.
6. I told him that I had not seen him for months.
7. The master requested that they would attend carefully to what he was saying.
8. I wrote that I would visit him next day.
9. He observed that he had never liked doing that.
10. I told them to be quiet.
11. He asked me if I had anything to say.
12. Rama asked Hari if he would change places with him.
13. He said that he was tired, and that he wished to go to bed.
14. An old mouse asked who would bell the cat.
15. John said that he wanted to be a soldier.
16. He asked me where I was going.
17. He asked me what I wanted.
18. Abdul said that he had seen that picture.
19. The boy said that he would go with us.
20. He said that the earth moves round the sun.
21. The stranger asked Alice where she lived.
22. I asked Mary if she would lend me a pencil.
23. He told us that he had waited an hour.
24. The lady inquired if he was now quite well again.
25. He said that he had come to see them.
26. He said that though he had come, it was against his will.
27. The speaker said that it gave him great pleasure to be there that evening.
28. He asked them whether they would listen to such a man.
29. He asked me if I would accompany him.
30. He ordered him to leave the room and forbade him to return.
31. The mother asked her boy where he had been all the afternoon.
32. Hari asked Rama if he had read the letter.
33. The King asked the philosopher whom he considered the happiest man living.
34. The magistrate asked the prisoner what he was doing with his hand in the gentleman's
35. The fox cried out to the goat that a thought had just come into his head.
36. He advised his sons not to quarrel amongst themselves, when he was dead but to
remain united.

Answers no.- 1 to 16

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Answers no.- 17 to 32

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Answers no.- 33 to 36

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