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The Petroleum Conservation Research Association Is An Organisation That Want India

To become a center of excellence for conservation of hydrocarbons & environment protection for sustainable development on our inherent strength.

Its Objectives Are

  • To formulate strategies and promote measures for accelerating conservation of petroleum products leading to environment prtection, energy security and sustainable development.
  • To create awareness among masses about the importance, benefits and methods of conserving petroleum products & clean environment by enhancing information and capacity building.
  • To promote research, development and deployment efforts aimed at petroleum conservation & environment protection, support & facilitate efforts for adoption and dissemination of fuel efficient technologies and substitution of petroleum products with alternate fuels and renewable.
  • To establish synergistic institutional linkages at the national & international levels in the areas of petroleum conservation & environment protection.
  • To provide training and technical advisory services, designed to achieve economy & efficiency in use of petroleum products for cleaner environment.
  • To function as a Think Tank to the Govt. of India for proposing policies and strategies on petroleum conservation and environment protection aimed at reducing excessive dependence on oil.

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The Perquimans County Restoration Association, as the directing body of the Newbold-White House, is a non-profit educational association that strives to foster in Perquimans County, the surrounding area, and throughout the United States, a respect and reverence for the past by collecting, preserving, and interpreting the history of Perquimans County from its Native American occupation until the present with specific emphasis on the period from 1730 to the 1750's.

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