experts I think I have specified and cleared my question very well...... it's your problem you are not able to understand..... KINDLY TELL WHAT YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO UNDERSTAND ............. Kindly Read The Question Once Again It Will Be Clear To You And And If Still It's Not Clear Kindly Specify That What Is Not Clear

Dear student,

Assuming yor question to be as follows :

2020-06-05.png (1080×1134)
2020-06-05.png (1080×1636)
2020-06-05.png (1080×1505)
2020-06-05.png (1080×686)
Kindly post your other queries in a different thread.


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this was the question and it's very clear kindly read it carefully and if it's not clear ...Kindly specify what is not clear..???

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