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Q.7) State whether the following statements are true or false:
a) Cuscuta is an insectivorous plants.
b) Saprotrophs take their food from dead and decayed matter.
c) Insectivorous plants are partial heterotrophs.
d) Total parasites are autotrophic.

Dear student,
a)It is false. Cuscuta is a parasitic plant and is not an insectivorous plant. It cannot do photosynthesis hence take nutrition from other plants by binding to the host plant.

b)It is true. The saprotrophs take their nutrition from the dead and decayed matter. For example, fungi

c) Insectivorous plants are partial heterotrophs. It is true because they can perform photosynthesis as they have chlorophyll in them and they can also act partially as heterotrophs by taking the required nutrients from the insects which they eat.

d)It is false. The total parasites are heterotrophic as they take the nutrition from the host plant and cannot make their own food because they lack chlorophyll.


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