Experts please help
Experts please help Hiten typed in a paragraph about octopuses for a project. His sister Nanditaplayeda prank and changed all the numbers in the paragraph by multiplying each correct number by the same number, say Octopus: a camivorous marine mollusk, found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate waters. The octopus is characterized by a soft body and bearing each. As in the vertebrates. the of the octopus arc camera-like in structure, and their vision is acute. The animals can change the color and texture of their skin rapidly. Many species. such as the common octopus, can grow to about A small species, such as the Atlantic Pygmy Xtopus, however, is only about Now Hiten has to correct the numbers again. What should he put as the actual length Of the Atlantic Py octopus? are gi in the Ofthe octopus.) B. C. 3 cm 18 cm

Answer is 2cm Since octopus has 8 arms. Each number is multiplied by 3.
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