explain 10 modern methods of water harvesting

1. Absorption pit method:- in this method a pit of around 5-8 meters is dug into the soil and filled with pebbles and sand at the top. Pipe from the roof top or veranda is connected to this pit to store rainwater.
2. Absorption pit method:-in this method a well is dug using cement rings of about 2-6 ft and the well is very deep. Pipe from the roof top or veranda is connected to this well for rainwater storage.
3. Well cum bore method:- it is a combination of bore (pit) and well method. It is mostly dug where the soil is clayey for 10 - 15 ft.
4. Recharge trench cum injection well:- in this method a trench is dug of about 1-2 m wide and 1-2 m deep. Then a number of injections wells are constructed below the trench that reach about 3-5 m below the water table.
5. Groundwater dams:- they allow the storage of water undergound by obstructing the natural flow of groundwater.
6. Sub-surface dam:- it block the flow of an aquifer to store the rainwater.
7. Sand storage dam:- it is constructed above the ground for storing rainwater.
8. Ferrocement method:- in this method the storage containers are made up of ferrocement for storing rainwater.

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Rainwater harvesting means capturing rain when it falls. It is done to meet the increasing demand of water as also to recharge the ground water. People living in urban areas have realized the importance of traditional rainwaterharvesting methods like the rooftop storing method. The level of underground water in most of the urban areas has gone down much because of the increasing population, industrialization etc. In Gendathur village, Mysore, about 200 households have adopted the rooftoprainwater harvesting method, thereby making village rich in rainwater. The Tamil Nadu government has made it compulsory for all the houses to haverooftop rainwater harvesting structures.
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