explain an activity to show that soil contain moisture

 take a tube which can be boiled put some soil samples in it.heat the test tube on a flame. after sometime you can see the drops on the surface on tube which shows that soil contains moisture.this happens because after heating the water or moisture in the soil evaporates and moves up and get condensed on the cooler inner walls of the upper surface of the boiling tube. 

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1)Put some soil in a testube.

2)Heat the testube so that the water in the soil gets boiled and evaporates

3)The evaporated water condenses and forms water droplets when it reaches the top of the testube,as it comes in contact with the cool inner surface of the testube.

4)The water droplets indicate that soil contains moisture

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Activity to show perculation rate of soil
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take a beaker and fill it with soil and heat it
you will observe that water droplets are formed at the neck of the beaker
this shows that soil contains moisture
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with the help of an activity or diagram show that soil contains water
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