Explain aneroid barometer

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A metal cell which contains a small amount of?air?or a series of these cells combined together operate the aneroid barometer. When the air pressure increases, the sides of these cells come together quickly. The base of the instrument secures one side.
After that, the other side joins the structure of pulleys and levers to a rotating pointer, which moves over a scale on the face of the instrument. This pointer is generally found in black colour.
Moreover, the aneroid barometer comprises of a small capsule which has quite flexible sides. The air has been pumped out of this capsule. Therefore, whenever there is a change in the pressure, the thickness of this capsule changes.
Similarly, whenever there is an increase in the?pressure?of the atmosphere, the sides of the capsule become compressed. This capsule attaches to a lever which keeps moving the needle as and when the air pressure keeps squeezing the capsule.
This results in registering a higher reading on the scale. These changes are thus magnified by levers and are causes the pointer to move on a dial which is behind the needle. Finally, you will have your?weather?forecast on a digital read-out?
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