explain any three measures to overcome the challenge of expansion

 Challenge of expansion of Democracy basically means taking democracy to the grass root level. Involving participation of all social groups empowering them. It implies sharing power with different regions, institutions and different groups so as to strengthen democracy and avoid possibility of conflict in a society.

The following measures can be suggested to overcome this challenge:

a. To adopt a principle federalism to give representation and autonomy to provinces. This Principle of federalism is in the spirit of Democracy and power sharing, as it makes democracy more participative by accommodating diverse interests. Also dividing powers among the different organs of the government.

b. Providing for reservation of seats in jobs and educational institutions and other special schemes for the marginalized groups. Increase their political representation, for example 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendment acts in India provides for 1/3rd reservation of seats in the local bodies for the weaker section and women. This act also takes democracy to the grassroots level ensuring decentralization.

c. Respecting the linguistic diversity of the country. for example in India we have Linguistic reorganization of the states to represent their interests, for example Telugu speaking state of Andhra Pradesh, then Maharashtra, Gujarat etc.  We also give examples of power sharing arrangements in Belgium which for instance has a community government.

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