explain how a shift has taken place between sectors in developed countries?

Generally at initial stages of development, primary sector was the most important sector of economic activity. As agriculture sector began to prosper, it produced much more food than before. People could now take up other activities. There were increasing number of craftpersons and traders. Buying and selling activities increased many times. Besides, there were also transporters, administrators, army etc. However, at this stage, most of the goods produced were natural products from the primary sector and most people were also employed in this sector. Over a long time (more than hundred years), and especially because new methods of manufacturing were introduced, factories came up and started expanding. Those people who had earlier worked on farms now began to work in factories in large numbers. People began to use many more goods that were produced in factories at cheap rates. Secondary sector gradually became the most important in total production and employment. Hence, over time, a shift had taken place. This means that the importance of the sectors had changed.In the past 100 years, there has been a further shift from secondary to tertiary sector in developed countries. The service sector has become the most important in terms of total production. Most of the working people are also employed in the service sector. This is the general pattern observed in developed countries.

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in the initial stages of development, primary sector happend to be the most important in terms of total productivity and employment. with the growth of technology, secondary sector gradually became more important in terms of total production and employment. then, after a long span of time, and new services came up with the development of technology, the tertiary sectot became most important in terms of total production and employment. in developed countries, the tertiayr sector produces most of the money and employs majority of people. so, in developed countries, tertiary sectoer is the most important.

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