Explain how democratic reforms can be achieved.

Democratic reforms can be achieved through the following:

a. Through the passage of various laws like Right to recall , A law must be passed empowering people to recall political representatives who fail to perform or deliver.

b. Political parties must come under the ambit of right to information and share details like who funds them, how much money they spend and how they select candidates for elections to the public.

c. Quick disposal of cases related to corruption related scams involving politicians. Setting up of fast track courts  for corruption related cases.

d. Active and vigilant citizenry can go a long way in attaining democratic reforms. People can pass resolutions, put pressure on parties through petitions,protests demanding parties to be more transparent in their functioning.People can make use of media to question parties and their leaders on various policy matters.

e. Recourse to  Legal ways of reforming Politics which aims at bringing about necessary laws/ legislation or by making changes in the existing laws so as to make system more transparent in its functioning and more responsive to the needs of the people. One may give example of Right to information, Anti defection law, Jan Lok Pal etc which are surely an attempt to bring about good governance.

f. Through independent media.

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