1. Explain how each of Newton’s law affects a game of tug of war?

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A classic tug of war game can be used to explain Newton’s three laws of motion. At the beginning of a tug of war, both sides are pulling at the rope and neither side is moving. The force on the rope is the same from both sides. This is an example of Newton’s First Law. Once one side pulling on the rope exerts more force and therefore more pull, the other side has to increase their pull to try and get the rope back. This is Newton’s second law of motion. Finally, although it is more subtle, the rope is resisting your pull and pulling back while you are pulling. This is Newton’s third law of motion.

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Sb question aaj hi puch lena
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It is connected to first law of motion:When one side leaves the tug the other side's person falls this is because the body tends to remain in the same direction ,this is also kanown as inertia
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