explain how growth of algae is harm water bodies

During the favourable season of algal growth, water bodies like lakes, ponds and rivers show so much growth of various species of blue-green algae, green algae and golden brown algae that the water becomes turbid, cloudy and yellowish/greenish in colour. Filamentous planktonic algae form thick floating mats on the water surface. Such excessive algal growth is called water bloom. This bloom cuts off the light to deeper layers of water body and thus inhibits decomposition of organic matter in that water body. The algae further add a large amount of organic matter after death and decay to the water body which is not decomposed quickly due to prevailing conditions in that water body. This causes serious water pollution.
Many algae like Microcystis, Aphanizomenon produce toxic substances that are harmful to fishes and aquatic animals. These toxins also harm the land animals drinking this polluted water.
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Explain how the growth of algea harms water bodies
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