explain how noise pollution is harmful to human beings?

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The Harm of Noise Pollution to the Health of Human's body and mind are as follows:

1.Loud noises can cause ear discomfort, such as ear ringing, ear pains and hearing loss, etc. Noises above 115db can even lead to deafness. According to statistics, about 50 percent of those who are exposed to the noise above 80db for a long time lose their hearing.

2.Noises can cause decrease work efficiency . Under the circumstance of noises above 85db,one may feel discomfort and distracted, thus he can not concentrate on his work or study.

3.Harm to blood vessels of human hearts. Noise is a dangerous factor for heart diseases, speeding up the aging process of hearts, causing high rate of miocardial infarction incidence. Long-term exposure to noises may lead to high blood pressure. Especially in night, noises cause much higher rate of incidence of a disease.

4.Noises can make nervous system disorder, mental disturbance and incretion disorder.

5.Noises disturb rest and sleep. One may feel exausted after one night's exposure in noises. This condition continuing for a long time may lead to Neurasthenia .

6.Harm for women's physiological function. Noises can cause abnormal menstruation, abortion , premature delivery, and even abnormal embryo.

7.Noises are more harmful for children's body and mind health than that of adults ,because their organs are still weak. Noises can easily hurt their hearing organs, causing hearing damage or loss.

8.Noises' harm for eyesight. According to experiments, when the loudness of noises is above 90db,man's visual receptor cells' sensitivity decreases rapidly and the reaction time for faint light is lengthened. When the loudness reaches 95db,about 40% of people get mydriasis and blurred vision. And when exposed to noises of 115db,most people have difficulty to react to lightness.So those who are in the environment of loud noises for a long time can easily get eye strain,eye pain,blurred vision, and tearing. Beside,noise can cause the abnormity in color vision and eyeshot.

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Noise pollution can lead to a number of health-related problems. Some of them are as follows:

(i) Hearing loss

(ii) Insomnia; inability to sleep

(iii) Hypertension

(iv) Severe headache

(v) Stress

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Noise pollution can lead to many health related problems like:

  • Insomnia

  • Loss of hearing

  • Hypertension

  • Severe headache

  • Stress related diseases

  • Aggressiveness in behavior

  • High BP

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