Explain how the following metals are obtained from their compounds by the reduction process.

1) metal X which is low in the reactivity series

2) metal Y which is the middle of the reactivity series

3) metal Z which is high in the reactivity series

.Give an eg of each

1)metal X which is found low in the reactivity series is generally found in a free state... They can be converted to  metals by heating alone..By heating, they are first converted to their oxides and then again by further  heating the metal oxide is converted to metal...

2)metal Y in the middle reactivity series is first converted to their oxides from carbonates and sulphides by rosting and calcination ..then they are contverted to metals by carbon or by displacemnt reaction.

3)metal Z in high in the rectivity series by electrolysis ..

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z is by electrolytic refining

x and y by redox reactions

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