explain human brain its functions??????????????

Short notes on the functions of the parts of human brain

Functions of Cerebrum:

It is the dominant seat of highest mental faculty's viz. will, conscious sensation, skilled work and other voluntary activities, and intelligence (memory, experience, learning, thinking, reasoning, knowl­edge and speech). This part also exerts strong control over many such reflexes like laughing, weeping, micturation and defaecation etc. Functions of Olfactory lobes: These are the centres of olfaction or sense of smell.

Functions of Diencephalon:

It is the centre of recognition of heat, cold and pain. The hypothalamus or central part of diencephalon is the control centre of autonomic nervous system thus it controls hunger, thirst, sweat­ing, sleep, fatigue, temperature, and emotions like satisfac­tion, anger, pleasure and penance etc. It also controls carbohydrate, fat and water metabolism.

Functions of Optic lobes:

It is the centre of visual and auditory sensation. The crura cerebri of optic lobes serve to transmit motor impulses to limb muscles from cerebrum. It probably helps in control of pigment cells of skin and amplexus during breeding season.

Function of Cerebellum:

Its primary function is to maintain posture, ori­entation and equilibrium of body by coordinating and regulating tone and contraction of voluntary muscles, mainly according to the command of cerebrum. It also receives sensory impulses from the equilibratory por­tion of internal ear.

Functions of Medulla oblongata: It is the controlling centre of metabo­lism, heartbeat, breathing, vasodilation and vasoconstriction, blood pres­sure, gut peristalsis, prey catching, swallowing of food and gland secre­tion.

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Your brain maintains homeostasis, cognition and interpretation, motor control of the body, emotional responsiveness. and behavior.In addition, it keeps all the body systems working together to keep you alive. The base of the brain controls heart rate and respiration. The brain enables us to think and reason out, to store the memory,to do intelligent interpretation, and control all our conscious and unconscious activities.

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