Explain "Political Funding" as a challenge to democracy and give 3 reform proposals.

1)  Political funding - On an average, every candidate who contested the last Lok Sabha elections owned a property of more than a crore.

2)  As a result, there is a fear that only wealthy people or those with their support can afford to fight elections.

3)  Most of the political parties are dependent on money given by business tycoons. The main worry is that poor do not have voice in democracy as money reign the politics

Reform proposals
1)  The financial accounts of each political party should be made public. These should be properly examined by government auditors in order to control corrupting political parties contesting in elections

2)  There should be state funding of elections. Government should allot election expenditure to the parties and the account for the expenses made should be put forth before the government. In this way, money flow can be controlled during elections

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