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Russian Revolution of 1917 is also known of pair of Revolution because, in the same year of 1917, revolutions were broke out in February and October. The Russian Revolution of 1917 was one of the most significant events of the twentieth century that ended centuries of monarchy in Russia and brought forth the first constitutionally communist state in the world.
Causes of Revolution-
1. Autocratic rule of Tsars
2. Poor working conditions, low wages, and industrial risks
3. The Industrial Revolution in Russia doubled the population in urban areas such as St Petersburg and Moscow,resulting economic mismanagement and shortage of foods.
4. Russia's defeat in the Russian-Japanese War (1905), which led to growing tensions.
5. With bloodshed, the massacre of unarmed protesters outside the palace, in 1905.
6. The end of World War I caused high casualties, economic ruin, widespread famine
The February Revolution-Protestors took to the streets of the capital of St. Petersburg angry over chronic food shortages. They were joined by industrial workers and clashed with the police on the streets.The Russian parliament,the Duma , formed a provisional government on March 12. Nicholas II abdicated the throne ending centuries of his family rule in Russia.The new government under Alexander Kerensky established a statuette of rights such as freedom of sp.eech and the rights of unions to organize and strike. Despite this, he continued the war with Germany contrary to the popular opposition against it.This move worsened Russia’s food supply problems. Unrest continued to grow as peasants looted farms and food riots erupted in the cities.
The October Revolution-On November 6 and 7, 1917, communist revolutionaries led by Vladimir Lenin launched a coup against Kerensky’s government.The new government under Lenin was composed of a council of soldiers, peasants and workers. The Bolsheviks and their allies occupied key locations across St. Petersburg and Russia as a whole soon formed a new government with Lenin as its head. Lenin became the dictator of the world’s first communist state.


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