explain :same substance can act both as colloids and crystalloids.(1 mark) ..... i've already seen the existing ans but not satisfied.

Crystalloids and colloids simply are the states of matter. Thus a same substance can act as both as
colloid as well as crystalloid.
A colloid is simply a state in which particle size is in range of 1nm to 1000 nm.
for eg a soap solution in water is an example of colloidal solution while the soap solution in water is a
a true solution.

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No substance can act as both

they are opposites when it comes to passing through semipermable membrane (crystalloids pass; colloids do not)

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Same substance may exhibit both crystalliod and colloid states e.g. NaCl is crystalloid in water but colloid in benzene; soap is colloid in water but crystalloid in benzene etc.

It means that crystalloids or colloids simply represent a state of matter in which every substance can be brought by suitable methods.

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