Explain the characteristics and progress of advancing monsoon. (3-5 MARKER)

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1.  Advancing monsoon starts from June till September.
2. A complete change in weather is experienced after the inflow of the Southwest monsoons into India.
3. The monsoon rains occur in intervals. The dry and wet spells of the monsoons vary in strength, frequency and duration causing floods and droughts at the same time in different regions. 
4.The windward side of the Western Ghats receives more than 250 cm of heavy rainfall. 
5. The highest average rainfall in the world is received by Mawsynram, lying in the Southern range of the Khasi Hills in Meghalaya.Gujarat and Rajasthan receive scanty rainfall
6. It causes heavy rainfall from south west monsoon, as these winds blow over warm oceans , they carry abundant moisture with them and causes rainfall in the sub continent.
 7. Advancing monsoon is associated with the breaks in monsoon due to temperature variation and pressure gradient.
8. This monsoon is characterised by uncertainties, while it may cause heavy rainfall , floods in one part it may cause drought in another.


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The?advancing monsoon?prevails during the months of June, July, August and September. (i) It brings a total change in weather conditions. (ii) Early in the season of?advancing monsoon, the windward side of Western Ghats receives very heavy rainfall. The maximum rainfall of this season occurs in North-Eastern India
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