Explain the difference between challenge of expansion and the challenge of deepening of democracy with an example.

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  • Challenge of expansion refers to the horizontal expansion of democratic process through installation of democratic institutions.
  • Challenges of deepening refers to the vertical expansion of democratic processes where the institutions are given more powers through local self governments.

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challenge of expansion : most of the established democracies like India and USA face this challenge. This involves:

  • applying basic principle of democracy across all religions, different social groups and various institutions.
  • providing more powers to state and local govt.
  • inclusion of women and other minorities in the decision making
  • minimising decisions which should remain outside the arena of democratic control.

Challenge pf deepening of democracy: This challenge is faced by every democracy in one or other form. This includes:

  • Strengthening political parties that promote democracy
  • to bring down the control of rich and powerful in the govt.
  • to provide more powers to local govt.
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