Explain the following stated property  with proper reason in about 120 words:

When Helium is cooled to almost absolute zero (-460 F or  -273 ° C, the lowest temperature possible), then it becomes a liquid with the following properties:
It flows against the gravity and will start running up and over the lip of a glass container! ‚Äč

Dear Student
This is because of superfluidity. To understand it in detail you need to be in higher grade.

Superfluidity is an interesting phenomenon displayed by liquids and gases which have been cooled to cryogenic temperatures. This property was first observed in the gas helium.

When helium is cooled to 4.2K, it turns into a liquid known as helium I. If it is cooled further, then at 2.19K, it gets converted to helium II, which is a liquid having such a low viscosity, that it is literally able to crawl up the side of a glass panel, and flow through microscopic holes which wouldn't allow the passage of normal liquids. This ultra low viscosity is attributed to the property of superfluidity, seen at cryogenic temperatures.


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