explain the power sharing arrangements of sri lanka

There has been no power sharing arrangement in Srilanka. The government of Srilanka followed the policy of majoritarianism based on the fact that the Sinhalese were majority in number and the Tamils were in minority. The Tamils were deprived of their rights and the culture, tradition and language of the Sinhalese were promoted and given due privilege. The Sinhalese imposed laws that favoured them in getting positions in universities and government jobs. There was no reservations anywhere for the Tamils. Hence, the Tamils retaliated which took the form of civil war and created destruction and anarchy in Srilanka.

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Their was majorityof sinhala community. And other r minorities.
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The policy of majoritanism was followed in Sri Lanka. Under this act of 1956, Sri lanka's official language will be sinhale. Preferential policies in universities and jobs were in favour of sinhale.
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