Explain the role of atmosphere in maintaining temperature of earth?

Our atmosphere behaves like a green house that enters the radiations inside it but all radiations are not allowed to escape from this green house. As a result the temperature of plants inside this glass house remains warm. Similarly our atmosphere consists of layer of different gaseous that absorbs the visible and infrared radiations of sunlight in day time and as a result temperature of earth increases in daytime. But during night all these radiations are emitted from the surface of earth but this gaseous layer of atmosphere does not allow all infra red radiation to escape from the earth. As a result earth does not cool suddenly but in a warmer situation at night. In this way temperature of earth remains steady and maintained. 

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The sun's heat or infrared radiations which enters the Earth's atmosphere. These radiations are reflected by the surface of the Earth back to space. But some of it is trapped by the earth's atmosphere. This trapped heat helps in keeping the Earth warm during night.

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