Explain the role of NaCN in the extraction of silver.is it necessary to write reaction or fine to write answer asNaCN forms a complex with Ag which again on reaction with Zn gives pure Ag. So, What should I expect with the examiner

Extraction of Silver
Role of NaCN or KCN  = In the extraction of gold and silver, the metal is leached with NaCN or KCN, which is an oxidation reaction.

During the process, Ag is oxidised to Ag+ .

Here M =Ag or Au.
Subsequent reaction with Zn leads to formation of free metal.

You should write a reaction along with the explanation. Reaction is an important part of reasoning in this question.

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NaCN is used in the extraction process of Silver fromargentite ( Ag2S). It reacts with Ag2S formingSodium argentocyanide.

4NaCN + Ag2S ----- 2Na[ Ag (CN)2 ] + Na2S

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