Explain the steps take by govt in developing rural market


The following are the various steps initiated by the Indian government to develop the rural markets:

1. Regulated Markets: The government came up with the concept of regulated market where the sale and purchase of the products are monitored by the Market Committee. This Market Committee consists of farmers, government agents and traders. This practice infuses greater transparency in the marketing system through the use of proper scales and weights. Such committees ensure the farmers and the consumers in receiving fair price in exchange of their products

2. Infrastructure Development: The present infrastructure is not sufficient to meet the growing demands of the farmers. Indian government provided cold storages and warehouses that help the farmers to sell their product at the time when the price is attractive. Also, railways offer subsidised transport facilities to the farmers. This enables the farmers to bring their product to urban areas where they can earn huge profits.

3. Co-operative Agricultural Marketing Societies: The government also started co-operative marketing under which the farmers get access to fair prices. This is due to the better and enhanced bargaining power of the farmers via collective sale in the market.

4. MSP PolicyMinimum Support Price is a minimum legislated price that a farmer may charge in exchange for his products. This enables them to sell their products in the open market at a higher price. The MSP insulates the farmers in case of price fall as this is the minimum price that they can receive. The need of such assurance to the farmers is of immense importance as farming in India is subject to many uncertainties.


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