Explain the undertones in the statement:

'Wife and husband in unusual rapport

State one unspoken thought':

The statement explores the subtle relation of a husband and a wife. The statement shows both the sides of the relation. While the two are probably in a heated argument, yet they both think alike and read each other's thought as well. Other than being husband and wife they are parents to a boy of seven. They have the same feelings towards their child; who, they both believed, should be disciplined. When the son approaches them demanding the dinner from his mother, she points a finger at him telling him to stay quiet for some time as their was an ongoing discussion that he was interrupting. However, the impatient child continued to nag. Both the parents gave each other a look as they both agreed at least on this that the discussion was being interrupted, no matter whether the father was least interested. However, later he agreed on that the boy should be given the dinner immediately due to his wits and logic. But at this time, they both think of the same thing, it is the parenthood that binds them other than their own relation. And just an exchanged look was all they needed to read what the other one was thinking only to realise that it was exactly the same.

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