Explain the use and disuse theory with example.

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was a French scientist who developed an alternative theory at the beginning of the 19th century. The law of use and disuse – In every animal which has not passed the limit of its development, a more frequent and continuous use of any organ gradually strengthens, develops and enlarges that organ, and gives it a power proportional to the length of time it has been so used; while the permanent disuse of any organ imperceptibly weakens and deteriorates it, and progressively diminishes its functional capacity, until it finally disappears.

Lamarck explanation:

  1. A giraffe stretches its neck to reach food high up.
  2. The giraffe's neck gets longer because it's used a lot.
  3. The giraffe's offspring inherit its long neck.


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Use and Disuse Theory was given by Lemark.

According to this theory the organ which is used most will devolop most and the organi that is used least or not used will be redused in size and function.

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