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explain this briefly. (b) Listening to them, I see two distinct worlds .. ." In the context of Mukesh, the bangle maker's son, which two worlds is Anees Jung referring to ?

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She says this as the people of Firozabad are trapped between these two worlds. They cannot move out of their places and occupations. They can't be their own masters. He analyses the two worlds correctly. First is the world of their families of the bangle makers caught in the web of poverty. The other is a vicous circle of the 'sahukars' the middlemen and policemen.

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anees jung is talking about both the cases 
one has dreams to fulfill tand get out of the poverty trap (mukesh)
one just want to roam freely , when he is owner himself(saheb-e-alam)  
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According to the author, child workers in firozabad is weighed down by two distinct worlds the first is the world of his poverty ridden family and caste stigma which forces him to compromise .the second is the world of sahukar,middlemab,bureaucrats and politicians which exploits and oppresses them
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