explain thr strucutre of nephron

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Nephron is
the structural and functional unit of the kidney. They acts as filters and removes the waste products from blood and forms urine. They are present in large number in the kidney.

Main components of the nephron are Glomerulus, Bowman’s capsule and Renal tube
Renal artery -The blood enter inside kidneys through renal artery and that renal artery branches into capillaries associated with glomerulus ( blood enter in glomerulus through afferent arterioles and blood is taken away from glomerulus through efferent arterioles).
Bowman’s capsule collects the filtered urine.
Tubular portion of nephron consists of proximal tubule, loop of Henle, distal tubule and collecting duct.
In the proximal tubule, some substances such as amino acids, glucose, and salts are selectively reabsorbed and unwanted molecules are added in the urine.
The filtrate then moves down into the loop of Henle, in which more water is reabsorbed. From here, the filtrate moves upwards into the distal tubule, and finally to the collecting duct.
Collecting duct collects urine from many nephrons.
Renal duct is a collecting duct of a kidney where urine from many neurons is collected.


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