Explain why a charged balloon is repelled by another charged balloon whereas an uncharged balloon is attracted by another charged balloon?

When a charged balloon (either positively or negatively charged) is brought near the balloon having same charge, it repels due to the property that same charges repel each other.
But when a charged balloon is bring in contact with the uncharged balloon, it induces charge of opposite nature into the uncharged balloon due to the property of conduction of charges. That's why they attract each other.

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because of positive and negative charges

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Because charged ballon occupied the same charge, and we know that the same charges repel each other and an charged and an uncharged ballon occupied diffrent charges so they attract each other..

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becoz sane charges repell each other...

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1-the both charged balloon acquire positive charge so they are repel to each other because we know that the like charge repels each other.

for explanation--when we take two magnet's like pole near its gets repel just like when we take twocharged balloon together.

2-uncharged balloon attract positive charge because uncharged balloon is neutral.

for explanation--when we take magnet and take it to the iron it get attractedwithout any charge just same as charged balloon attract the uncharged balloon.

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