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 FOSSIL FUELS  ARE EXHAUSTIBLE NATURAL RESOURCES because they are limited in nature 

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 Fossil fules are formed over millions of years.

hence, they get depleted over use and take millions of years to form again.

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as they are limited in nature and the rate of consumption is more than rate of formation, they are exhaustible.

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Fossil fuels gets formed over millions of years .

our use of it is getting increased day by day.

thay  are used in vehicles . generators, in cleaning,lubrication,making roads , paints and many other uses.

since its depletion rate is much higher than its formation rate., it wil geyt exhausted 1 day.

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Ans: Fossil fuels are formed over a million of years under high pressure and tempereture. With the use of these fuel every day, the quantity ofg fossil fuel available in the earth crust is slowly depleting. Since they can not be formed artificially and quickly in any industry we have to depend on the natural process for its formation. Further the process takes million of years. With its extraction / removal from earth crust in the same rate it is likely to get exhausted in a few hunderd years.Therefore it is essential for us to exploit these natural resources carefully to minimise the wastage and conserve for the future generation.

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 they take millions of years to recycle through very slow natural recycling process but we are using them unwisefully at a very fast rate

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