Explain why the heat becomes unbearable after the rains during summer?

Actually, during rain, the rain water which falls on the earth , gets heat from it and converted into water vapor which remains suspended in the air so that the humidity level increases and so, the sweat is not being evaporated and our body could not be able to cool as earlier and so we feel the heat as unbearable, and also the water vapor traps the temperature and heat energy with itself so the temperature is little increased,too.

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It is due to increase in humidity level after the rain so we feel very sticky and uncomfortable.

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The air becomes humid as the amount of moisture increases so we feel very uncomfortable and heat becomes unbearable.

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after rain a lot of water vapour remains suspended in the air andairgets saturated of water vapour and therefore no more evaporation of sweattakes place from our body and thats the reason whywefeel very sticky and feeluncomfortable

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