Explain why TVC curve is inverse S-shaped curve?

This topic is covered in detail in our study material. You can refer to the same by following the below mentioned path.
Chapter 3 (​'Production and costs') - Lesson 5 ('Concepts of Costs, Shapes of Cost Curves in Short Run and Long Run') - under the topice 'Shape of TVC- Inverse S-shaped'.
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for nothing..

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becoz of law of variable proportions

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TVC curve is an inversely S-shaped curve due to the Law of Variable Proportions.

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Variable costs are those cost which vary with the quantity of output produced.TVC curve is an inverse S-Shaped curve because of law of variable proportion.

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 tvc curve is inverse s shaped curve because of law of variable proportions.........cost is opposite of output produced....firstly ,due to increasing returns,less money is spent on production which increases the cost at diminishing rate and then due to diminishing returns cost increases at increasing which leads to inversely s shaped tvc curve........

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