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Water is a compound can be supported by the following facts:

Its constituents Hydrogen and oxygen are always present in the same ratio as 2:1(H2O)

Its properties are different from its constituent elements(hydrogen and oxygen)

Its constituents cannot be separated by simple physical means but requires chemical methods. Also water has a fixed boiling point, which is different from that of both hydrogen and oxygen.

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Water is a compound because its chemical formula is H 2 O i.e. it consists of two hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom.since it does contain similar types of atoms it is referred to as a compound 

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water is a compound because it is made up of 2 atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.. a compound is a group of atoms of either similar or dissimilar types...
H2+ 1/2 O2 → H2O

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1. Water is made by combination of H and O

2.There are two covalent bonds between O and 2 H atoms.

3. It can be split into H+ and OH- by electrolysis.

4. It is formed by reaction of hydrogen and oxygen gas.

5. There is always a fixed ratio of H and O in water molecule

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It is a compound because it can be split into 2 elements that is hydrogen and oxygen by chemical processes.

It does not show properties of its constituents.

The constituents are present in fixed prportions by mass.

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its a compound because when two elements are chemically bond it is call compound.... as 2 molecules of h is chemically bond with o to form h2o (water).... water is a compound

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 i agree with isaan'

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Water is considered as a compond because-

*Water is composed of two elements-hydrogen and oxygen.

*The ratio of hydrogen and oxygen by mass in any sample of pure water is the same.

*The properties of water are different from its constituents elements-hydrogen and oxygen.

*Water can be decomposed by chemical means only (E.g - Electrolytically) into hydrogen and oxygen.

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