Exprts cn u pls ans the 2 nd part of 10 th qtn 

10.  or

Name the hormones secreted by a cells and  β  cells of pancreas respectively. How is glucose homeostasis in our blood maintained by 
these hormones ? 

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α cell of pancreas secretes: Glucagon.
​β cell of pancreas secretes: Insulin.

Pancreas secretes hormones like insulin and glucagon . Insulin lowers the blood glucose level. Glucagon increases blood glucose level.  Insulin secretion is reduced during low glucose levels in the body. Insulin helps in storing the sugar in liver when it is higher than needed, and releases it when it is low in blood such as during a physical activity. Decreased glucose level is made normal by bringing upon the stored glucose from the liver. Glucose is stored in the form of glycogen in liver. During low glucose levels, glucagon is secreted by pancreas, which stimulates the liver cells to break down the stored glycogen into glucose and release it into the blood.

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