famous food,dres of andhra pradesh?

Tiffin (Morning Break fast)

Idli is a steamed cake commonly eaten for breakfast with samber or chutney. Chilli powder (kaarampodi) and ground nut chutney are also common additions.

Dosa is another popular snack. Andhra-style dosas are spicier and crispier than those found in other regions of South India.

Bojanam / Meals (Lunch and Dinner).

Lunch and Dinner is an elaborate affair in many households. In traditional households, the meal is served on arati aaku, a single plantain leaf, or vistari, a larger plate made of several leaves sewn together. Recently, more people have begun using broad steel plates called kancham. However, arati aaku and vistari are still widely used for festivals and special events.

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