Father and son , we both must live  
On the same globe and the same land. 
He speaks I cannot understand
Myself why anger grows from grief. 
We each put out an empty hand,

a.) What do the words `an empty hand` signify ? 
b.) What could be the cause for their distancing from each other ?
c.) How does the poet feel when his relationship with his son comes under strain ? 
d.) State the rhyming scheme followed in the poem? 

Dear student

a) Father and son both put out an empty hand because they seek to reach out to each other devoid of previous baggage. They come to each other without their own preconceived notions or conditions, they have chosen to forgive and forget. They have nothing common between each other anymore, nothing that can be shared. So they must start afresh from that state and possibly discover a common ground which can accommodate their divergent views of looking at life.
b) As soon as the child grows up, he starts depending less and less on his parents who used to be the centre of their world. This growing distance is puzzling for any parent and difficult to cope with because now their child is becoming independent and self-reliant. The father cannot communicate with his child, its as if they speak different languages now. 
c) It is quite evident that poet has presented us with the common predicament that plagues every parent-child relationship. The poet feels that same people who had lived together under the same roof become alienated from each other, they appear as strangers who have to start anew in building a relationship between two adults now. Their tastes, preferences and interests are different, each unable to understand the other. But even then the father would like nothing better to reach out an olive branch and shape a new love from sorrow.
d) rhyming scheme: abbcb

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