Fidn the area of a rhombus one side of which measures 20 cm and one of whose diagonals is 24 cm.

Let We Join The Diagonals 

 Diagonals Of A Rhombus Bisect Each Other At Right Angles

1/2*24 = 12 cm (As They Bisect Each Other)

Now Side Acts As Hypoteneuse

Diagonal^2 = 20^2-12^2

Diagonal^2 = 256 cm

Diagonal  = 16 cm

Area = 1/2*24*16 = 192 cm^2

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Please give me answer
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You were wrong prakhar. Correct area of rhombus=384 sq. cm just double to your answer. You can pick out your mistake from the detailed solution given below in the photos posted by me.

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