Fig shows a sector of a circle, centre O containing an angle θ.
Find the perimeter and area of the shaded region.

find i) perimeter = r (tan θ + sec θ + πθ/180 – 1)
ii)Area = r2/2(tan θ – πθ /180)

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 tan theta =ab/oa

rtan theta =ab

arc length= pi*r*theta/180

cos theta=r/ob

ob=r/cos theta 

bc =rsec theta-r

     =r(sec theta-1)

perimeter=r tan theta +rsec theta -r +pi r theta/180

=r(tan theta+sec theta+pi theta/180-1)

hence proved.......:-)))

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wer is d area,..................
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Second part pleasr
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solution is given in rd.sharma solutions page number 15.20, question number 19
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More clear pls
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Area of triangle - Area of sector

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Thanx...vrry vrry much you dont know exam ke pehle din ka kitna bada stress durr kar diya
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Here is answer

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Thanks to all my dear brothers and sisters Nd best of luck for ur xams
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In the given figure two tangents PQ and PR are drawn to a circle with Centre O from an external point P prove that angle qpr is equals to 2 angle oqr

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