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Fill All blanks... . A cuboid looks like a rectangular box. It has 6 faces. Each face has 4 edges. Each face has 4 corners (called vertices). A cube is a cuboid whose edges are all of equal length. 2. 3. 4. 5. It has Each face has Each face has faces. edges. vertices. A triangular pyramid has a triangle as its base. It is also known as a tetrahedron. Faces Edges Corners A square pyramid has a square as its base. Faces Edges Corners A triangular prism looks like the shape of a Kaleidoscope. It has triangles as its bases. Faces Edges Corners UNDERSTANDING ELEMENTARY SHAPES

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2. a) 6b) 4c) 43. a) 5b) 9c) 44. a) 4b) 8c) 55. a) 5b) 9c) 6

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